the big screen: promising and upcoming

a little known fact: i’m actually a real big movie buff. i’m overjoyed by good screenwriting. or lighting. or acting. i just love movies. last week me and my friends watched „horrible bosses“. much to my surprise i loved it! it’s so refreshingly shameless. plus, it stars jason sudeikis (swoon!) and jamie foxx (double swoon!). the main reason i loved it is charlie day a.k.a. my new celebrity crush. i laughed out loud at him when he didn’t make it in, sang along to the ting tings, and yelled „RAPE!“ :)]

there are a few things coming up here in germany that i’d love to see:

1. jason becker: not dead yet –  because it’s heartbreaking, inspiring, and written by life itself.

2. django unchained – because christoph waltz has never failed me. oh, yeah, and jamie foxx is in it, too.

3. gangster squad – because it’s so old-timey and modern at the same time

4. sound city – because there’s nothing dave grohl can’t do, fuck yeah!

5. pitch perfect – because it’s just like glee but different, so i’m probably going to hate it, but rebel wilson will make it all good

any further recommendations?

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