Letting go

i let go of the idea that i had to live up to somebody else’s expectation.
i let go of perfection.
i let go of s.
i let go of catalonia (but i’ll be back).
i let go of trying to project my own ideas of life on another person.
i let go of the idea that my parents are only parents.
i let go of doing something half-heartedly.
i let go of pretending to be something i’m not.
i let go of people who are not worth having around.
i let go of the thought that i was good at painting.
i let go of too much worrying.
i let go of oh so many “having to’s”.

and why all that? because, you see, when you think about it sometimes it’s good healthy to be a little selfish. some things need to be let go of because it just isn’t the right time, the right place, the right person, the right feeling.

i guess that’s life.