Incendios de nieve y calor

three years ago, i fell in love with a city. it was around this time of year, and i remember it as if it was yesterday, as cheesy as it may sound.

every time i smell burnt gunpowder, it makes me think of the city by the sea, narrow alleys and broad avenidas, mountains and sea waves, light and shadow, all in one place. barcelona taught me so much about the things that really count, about friendship, love, kindness, but also about hardship, loss, and standing up for oneself. can you belive it’s been three years already? three years. wow.

i hope i’ll be back next year, barna, to dance with your devils, swim in your sea, eat your calçots and laugh with your people. sempre et portaré al cor.

[and this week, i’ve tried to teleport myself to la mercè. it hasn’t worked out properly yet, so i’ll stick to checking out hashtags for now.]