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Read with me

that form words
that form sentences
that form paragraphs
that form texts
that form

is what i’m really into. unfortunately, i spend way too little time with a book in my hand which is NOT academia-related. but! a problem shared is a problem halved, right? and this is exactly where you come in: i’d love to know what you’re reading. working hard to round out my very own library, i’m constantly keeping a lookout on new additions to it. i’m not very picky, so anything goes (as long as it’s written in english, german, spanish, catalan or italian).

or, if you’re game, you could start reading with me.

i’ve recently bought téa obreht’s the tiger’s wife. wonder if it’s about tigers? or about wives? possibly even about some sicko sodomitical relationship between  a striped big cat and a sexually disoriented housewife? i don’t know (except that i do because i’ve read the blurb but i won’t tell you!), so come read with me.