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A year of NY

yes, this comes with delay, but still i’d like to talk about hurricane sandy today. briefly, that is. i didn’t fully realize the scope of sandy’s impact on the caribbean and the u.s.-american east coast until a couple of days later when i saw the haunting images of demolished houses, flooded streets, and despondent people with tears in their eyes. i am thankful that my friends and family in new york, rhode island, and new jersey have made it through frankenstorm safe and sound. to those who were not so lucky: i hope you’re okay and that everything will be back to normal soon.

the east coast and especially new york holds so many memories dear to my heart. i haven’t had the time (or money) to return for a long time now, but i’m looking forward to seeing you again soon, nyc.

you can only imagine how happy it made me to stumble upon this beautiful calender by whimsy & spice (via kelsey mirando). the people behind whimsy & spice are a jenna park, a photographer, and her husband mark sopchak, a pastry chef. they sell delicious treats at ny markets and via the internet. unfortunately, they don’t ship their mouth-watering biscotti, brownies or cookies outside the u.s. (insert sadface here). however, they do offer international shipping when it comes to the calendars, paper goods, and posters designed by jenna (you can find them on their etsy page).

30% of proceeds from the november sale of the 2013 nyc calendar will be donated to local organizations who directly provide aid to victims of hurricane sandy. a portion of the funds will also be used to purchase the most needed current supplies and donated to distribution centers that send out aid immediately to the hardest hit areas of nyc.

i ordered last thursday and got the calender today. it makes me happy to know that i could help at least a little. and get such a nice calendar in return. not entirely altruistic, i know, but still.

thanks a lot to mark and jenna for the beautiful calendar, the hand-written note and the super fast delivery! you had me at „a year of ny“ ♥

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