All I want for Christmas

today there are officially only six more weeks left until christmas! have you bought, wrapped and hidden any christmas presents yet? unfortunately, i’m more of a last instant shopper and/or crafter, so i’m still in procrastination mode at the moment.

here in germany, we exchange gifts on christmas eve. coincidentally, my birthday falls on december 24th as well, so i get spoiled by family and friends in the morning AND in the evening. 🙂

i’d like to share my birthday (and christmas) wishlist, if you’re interested. [sneaky, i know. ha! if you’d like to send me something and none of the following suits your gusto or wallet, i’d like to let you know that i also enjoy lovingly handmade items of all sorts, letters, postcards, and – should you be local –  your time and company.]

is there anything in particular you wish for this year? i’d love to hear!

1_ „f*ck this sh*it“ engraved pencil set in midnight blue. because sometimes reality is so exhausting that i need my pencils swear for me.
2_ dymo omega label maker. a friend made me a mix cd a couple of years ago and wrote me secret messages with his label maker. it’s about time i write back.
3_ modcloth gift certificate. i hear modcloth is having a big cabin fever sale in january and i’d like to get into the fun, too.
4_ james bond. 50th anniversary dvd collection. i’ve only seen moonraker in the original english version so far and i’d like to find out if the other bond movies also make extensive use of rude jokes („dr. goodhead“ and james bond „attempting re-entry“ is all i’m saying).
5_ lost at sea by jon ronsonthe men who stare at goats and the psychopath test were fascinating reads, and i am a huge fan of jon ronson.
6_ a creature cup. because coffee tastes better in good company.
7_ tickets to the edgar degas exhibition in basel. degas! only an hour away!
8_ the botanical coaster set. because i’d probably spend everything i own at rifle paper co. if i could.
9_ tickets to bosse in mannheim. ey, wir liegen so auf der hand ♥
10_ a bottle of molí de vent by jaume mesquida. negre or rosat. best wine in the whole world!