Link Love Sunday #3

whew! i’ve been super stressed lately. 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough for working, university stuff AND writing my thesis (i’m way behind on everything and the deadline is coming closer and closer! aaaah!). on thursday night i woke up at 3:38 a.m. it was as if someone had poured a bucket of water over me, from one second to another i was wide awake, making a list of all those things that already should have been written, done, and finished. the list was endless and i didn’t go back to sleep that night, that’s how wired i was. of course it wasn’t all bad: i spent an afternoon with bonnie, drank lots of chai latte, and spent a lot of my free time baking 🙂 one the one hand i’m super glad this week is over, yet, on the other hand, i know that next week probably won’t be any better. let’s hope for the best! here are the links for this week:

☆  i love this song and video! so catchy and cute. especially when they wave their hands at the end of each chorus 🙂

angry birds cookie cutters

how to be german in 20 easy steps (i’d say the first part is true, the second not so much)

google earth does good. yay for technology.

the magic with corks

☆ stunning nature & art by michael mcgillis

vintage thanksgiving photos

smiley poswolsky’s grandmother must have been a great character!

☆ catalans are deciding on their future today. here’s a taiwanese animated video which aims to explain the secessionist movement 😉

a very intimate concert by my friends. would have loved to have been there <3

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