Things I’ve learnt today

  1. it’s important to squeeze some quality time into my schedule, no matter how busy it is
  2. physical and emotional warmth are linked
  3. i better wear waterproof mascara when crying from laughter
  4. i love my friends (okay, i knew that already…)

ah, the little things.

when i left the house today, it was cold and hazy. nothing but grey mist all around, the bone-chilling kind, and the freiburg minster, that i can always spot from my tram station, was nowhere to be seen. i have to admit: the last couple of weeks have not been easy. something always comes up, i know. and the greyness today seemed to swallow everything up. including me. gulped down, out in the cold. the usual optimistic me at home, in bed, with the sheets pulled over her head. so when i left the house in the morning, i didn’t expect this day to be more than a big blah. luckily, it all turned out for the better for one simple reason: my friends and i squeezed some quality time into our busy schedules. we had spaghetti, then coffee, cried from laughter, and remembered each other of what’s really important. thank you, friends <3

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