I’m on a carpet finding mission

#fromwhereistand is one of the more popular hashtags on instagram (and also one of my favorites). there are so many pretty things just waiting to be discovered, so remember to stop and look down once in a while.

[my friend samuel is laughing as i am typing this. „you only like #fromwhereistand because you’re a woman and into shoes“, he says. true. partly. i am into shoes. a little. i hate bare feet, though (ew). so, to be clear: i like shoes. and interesting things on the ground. it’s all about keeping your eyes open  and looking at things from a different angle. kay, samuel?]

carpets have never really attracted my attention. until i looked down and found some pretty badass ones.

like this carpet from above which was hand-knotted by my friend’s grandmother (can you believe it?!) and goes really well with my blue wedges (here we go with the shoes again…).

or this one in my parents‘ house. it reminds me of the vineyards and fields of corn and rapeseed that gird the little village i grew up in. a perfect carpetscape!

let’s see how many more interesting carpets i can find out there. have you found any? take a picture of it!

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