The ultimate Link Love Sunday round-up

first of all: yes, those are chicken feet (for an extra exciting variation of kanom jean). second of all: what follows is the ultimate listing of link love sunday bits and bops from the last four weeks. ultimate as in utmost, and not as in last, of course. a full month of available internet awesomeness  plus my ineradicable bookmarking habits minus the lack of time during the last four sundays are now resulting in the catalogue (i.e. bookmark dump) of texts, and pictures, and videos that i really, really, really enjoyed. and since i know that it can be tiring to click on small units of words that sound interesting only to be redirected to something that may be boring after all, i’ve sorted the links by themes. at your service!

let’s start off slow with some art: who knew that exploded flowers could be so beautiful? ★ appreciating art appreciation (i can spend hours looking at a rothko, too!) ★ ursus wehrli is a swiss guy with a strange sense of humour. he also likes to tidy up art ★ if this sleeping bag were up for sale i’d buy it in a heartbeat ★ judy baca interviewed by amy poehler. yes, please – smart girls ftw! ★ every architect you need to know ★ low budget art prints by grégoire guillemin (this one’s on my wall) ★ five great graphic novels ★ wonderful: the color of popular music ★ and while we’re at it: awesome pop culture illustrations. sharks and recreation. gnihihi. ★ fascinating portraits of british youth culture in the 1950s ★ marc allante: 25 years of being and artist ★ tarantino screenplays re-imagined with penguin-styled book covers ★ other re-imaginations: renaissance portraits as realistic photos ★ badass ladies with tattoos ★

next up: anything (pop) culture related. glamour trifft glatze: olivia jones bei der npd ★jack kerouac’s online dating profile ★ phil dunphy’s phil’s-osophy. bless him. ★ has anyone tried sharetapes yet? ★ i love the color composition in this photograph of sophia loren making pizza. i also love sophia loren for saying „everything you see i owe to spaghetti.“ ★ sam smith absolutely nails this performance of „next to you“ ★ gif guide to moonwalk ★ it’s true:real tough guys don’t need guns, they just need a positive, can-do attitude ★ the rapping weatherman ★ gazillions of „when you live in“-tumblrs are popping up everywhere, and of course i can’t but love the ones about barcelona and freiburg. can somebody make one about mannheim soon, please? ★ hilarious nyc taxicab tales in 140 characters or less ★ this is one reason why i love the internet ★ the lisa simpson book club ★ oh, to be karen walker! ★ mad men illustrations ★ a collection of david bowie vintage videos ★

okay, so let’s talk serious business. the following links are about life, literature, and things that happen in between: i’m just as strange as you, frida ★ i really enjoyed this short story by george saunders ★ „how important that is, i think. to continue to dream. because to dream is to not give up. to dream is to commit to being alive.“ ★ becky lang on portfolios ★ euphemisms for rich and thin  in the personals section of harvard magazine★ somewhere in portland, there is a basement which reeks of history ★ after reading kitchen confidential anthony bourdain skyrocketed to one of my favorite persons ★ the 50 most important realities of everyday life ★ austin kleon on selling out ★ 1000zeichen können so viel sagen ★ paris 1914 ★ gratitude. your brain loves it! ★ mr. chang’s success story ★ a very interesting approach to consuming food ★ what are you going to do with that?, people keep asking me lately ★ 6 things you worry about too much ★ little things to make life easier. (more here & here & here & here) ★ why not wearing pants is awesome. i can relate… ★ easy steps to not give a fuck. those always come in handy! ★ pleasure, flow, meaning. ping fu’s personal recipe for happiness ★ the perks of being an english major ★ 50 ways to take a break ★ life in your twenties vs. life in your late twenties. so true!

classic movie monsters cross stitch ★ what do you mean, you don’t know how to fold a napkin into an elf hat?! ★ how to mix chalkboard paint in any colors. the possibilities! ★ this is a great upcycling project to make a doggie of your choice happy. you can also upcycle plastic wrapping and turn it into jewelry ★ my favorite recipe these days ★ a 44 clove ticket to a happier place. i need to try this! ★ how to make a pinhole camera ★ lavender linen spray ★ an 8-bit super mario crochet blanket. yes! ★ comic book coasters. i think i found a way not to throw out all those gossip magazines after all, ha! ★

DINGDINGDING! bonus round! bath time for baby sloths  and baby sloths being potty trained  this will also make you smile ★ people with a healthy sense of perspective ★ a pep talk from lisa simpson there are always people who are having a worse week than you things to do when you’re feeling down ★ videos under 30 seconds guaranteed to make you laugh ★ and the happiest facts of all time ★