Link Love Sunday #10

do you know that today is worldwide pinhole photography day? i haven’t gotten round to build one yet (this looks like a simple enough tutorial), but maybe i can spare an hour or two next week. analogue photography and film processing in my bathroom is my next „here be dragons“. the links for this week, there you go:

★  how i feel about riding my bike while wearing my shades on a warm spring day.

life lessons from bob ross.

my dead parents is a tumblr i stumbled upon after reading this essay by anya yurchyshyn. life can be so complicated.

★ speaking of tumblrs: someone created snobama, a tumblr entirely dedicated to barack obama eating snow cones.

★ mistaken for strangers, the national’s tour documentary, opened the tribeca film festival a couple of weeks ago. the official trailer looks promising. it had me at „he thinks indie rock’s pretentious bullshit“.

★ 40 reasons the world is a wonderful place to live

20 stunning pictures of a family’s week’s worth of groceries around the world

★ i’ve had this fascination with serbia, bosnia and croatia for quite some now, so i’ve started taking croatian lessons this week (bosnian, croatian, and serbian are quite similar). I WANT TO GO TO THERE. badly.

★ go out and seek find

the stages of getting addicted to a television show. we’ve all been there.