Link Love Sunday #9

due to a ruptured ligament in my ankle i’m hobbling around doing nothing other than being bored with my leg propped up on a cushion. doctor’s orders. bwah… anyway. here are the links for this week:

★ kiwis (the humans, not the birds. or fruit, for that matter) singing „pokarekare ana“, a traditional love song, in the new zealand parlament after hearing that the gay marriage bill had passed. still gives me goosebumps

ten people and their favorite things

little red riding hood joins okcupid, a modern fairy tale that made me laugh out loud (also: this tumblr)

this girl makes some great points about „catalanofobia“ in spain (the video’s in spanish)

the worst things for sale

★ molly niendorf on living abroad

a sauce made of sherry, plum jam, and chocolate? what. is. happening. imma gonna try this!

s.m.a.l.l. is an art project for everyone (yes, i’m looking at you!), and they’re collecting postcards in order to raise funds to build a school in ethiopia. learn here how to participate.

an austrian park that turns into a lake in summer. otherworldly!

★ work is not a job: a manifesto

★ and finally: a music map of the uk

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