Link Love Sunday #12

next week is going to be so good, i’m stoked! i’ll be handing in my master application – there are only 15 spots open, eek (wish me luck!). then there’s my godmother’s 75th birthday which will be celebrated both on tuesday AND on saturday for family from far away (most of whom i literally haven’t seen for years). i’m very much looking forward to saying hi to pau and maybe snapping a couple of picture during his concert in mannheimand i’m equally excited to finally get to know anna (in person!), who organised the whole event. funnily enough we both attended last year’s katalanistentag conference in berlin and leipzig but somehow didn’t manage to meet. since i’ll be missing the esc main show on saturday evening, i’ll be spending tuesday and thursday night with a käseigel in front of the tv watching the semi-finals. here are the links for this week:

von nord to south, written by an australian in munich and an american in berlin who contemplate life in germany

★ „I am my father’s daughter. I too am a giant, built of strength and flesh. And I am strong enough to carry myself and others, even when they can’t carry themselves.“ a very moving story.

★ andy warhol, shopping for campbell’s soup.

★ a fantastic animated short about the history of typography

★ crushing so so hard on these two dudes

delicatessen with love

außen hart, innen ganz weich. schnuppis!

★ want to learn a new language? i can recommend duolingo. bonus: it’s free!

created equal, a photo project by mark laita about (in)equality in the usa