the sun

after days of hiding behind a veil of grey tears the sun showed herself this morning.

and what an appearance she made!

we spotted her in the woods, where she left leafy tattoos on trees both old and new, tall and stumpy. she came rushing down through the melee of boughs like a knight in white armor, lucid and bright, vivid and serene, and for a second there i thought, if i believed in one god, this would be her. 

she lingered all day, enthroned on fleecy chains of dazzling white clouds. down in the valley, the air seemed to flitter in her presence, dancing pogo in rooftops. up in the vineyard, she opened our eyes and let us have a share of the many shades of lucious greens (hooker’s green is my favorite, and not just because of its name).

we stopped for a while to watch, to listen, to breathe, to enjoy.

an hour in nature is a high road to happiness.