DIY Camera Strap

are friendship bracelets still in vogue? were they ever? i don’t know the answer to this question, i only know that i sure loved to sit down and tie own for my bestest of friends when i was younger. they were an individual, easy and quick to make gift. (and then i hit puberty and engaged in other activities…)

flashforward: a couple of years ago, i was looking for a pretty strap for my camera. the one that came with it was the traditional black strap. totally boring! my online research didn’t bear fruits, either. so what to do?  make my own, of course.

this is where my years and years of bracelet tying experience finally paid off. i found a website with tons of free patterns , bought some thread, and started tying away. progress was slow, though, since i couldn’t memorize the pattern, and had to sneak a peak at the instructions every once in a while. plus – needless to say – a camera strap is a little longer than a friendship bracelet. in the beginning, i also made the mistake of working on the strap for long hours so that my fingers and hands would hurt of exhaustion from all the tying for the next two days. was it a big project? definitely. there were days when i just wanted to quit. i didn’t, however, and in the end, it was all worth it!