Link Love Sunday #1

one of the things i tend to like most about other blogs are the weekly round ups of links the use to pop up all over the web on fridays. i’ve decided to get in on that, albeit decided to share my favorite links of the week two days later (lazy sundays = more time to click on round up links!). here we go:

☆ rrrroar!

an artsy postcard i found in my drawer

☆ on boobs and books

☆ i’m totally obsessing on „the voice of germany“ and can’t wait until next week when the next battle airs. so far, this one has been my favorite

tango and palm trays!

true story. ha!

☆ i’ve wanted to watch „oh boy“ (a german movie) ever since i saw the official trailer for it. it’s finally happening next thursday, yay!

those guys and this dub. never gets old.

☆ and finally: the perfect song for a sunday morning

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