Link Love Sunday #5

my lovelies, how was your week? when i was not busy with work or university, i baked, decorated, went sledding and went for long walks in the snow. after years and years of not giving a damn i’m really in the christmas spirit this time! i could bake, wrap gifts, decorate and carol all day long 🙂 here’s this week’s link love:

josé feliciano has been stuck on repeat for the last two days in our house

☆ also for the last two days: freiburg has been hit by a celebrity avalanche. due to entertainment program wetten, dass..? rihanna, alicia keys and pink have been in town. alicia keys took a lovely picture in badenweiler (right out in the sticks!) while pink instagrammed freiburg’s snow-covered minster and brought the out-of-work shepherd and his beautiful dogs into instagram prominence (should you be in freiburg and want to bring them some hot cocoa or doggy treats: you can usually find them right next to the city hall! they’re super nice. i hope they find work soon!)

a rad (and sexy) forest tattoo

☆  ashley shares her recipe for homade irish cream. yum!

 ad pictures from 1986

the ten most beautiful school libraries in the world

polka dot shoes! unfortunatly not in my size. but still: polka dot shoes!

☆ i have never had a problem with having my hair cut, but i know so many girls who find it really hard to part with their mane. katie makes a good point here (and her new haircut is so cute!)

corks and what you can make out of them. magic!

☆ and finally: 24 quotes about food. i love and agree with all of them 🙂

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