Link Love Sunday #6

this week i don’t have much to say. it feels like i have been treading water. sigh. and even though i’m very much tempted to be in favor of the world ending on december 22 at the moment, i’ll keep hanging in there, hoping that everything will work out fine. yay for optimism! here are the links for this week:

a very comforting cover version of tom petty’s „won’t back down“ by benjamin francis leftwich (just what i need right now. and you can even download it for free!)

a winterly chocolate buttermilk cake that i’ll be probably making for my birthday

who doesn’t love to pop bubble wrap? anti-stress therapy. for free!

frost flowers in the arctic ocean. wow!

turn-of-the-century photos that will make you stop and stare (the lady in the last picture is not sitting at the piano, but her photo reminded me so much of childe hassam’s „improvisation“)

diy star wars snow flakes. for the christmas-loving geek in you.

a disguise magnet set for embarassing fridge pics. for when the in-laws come around, ya kno.

yes, yes, yes.

☆ constantly running out of time? get a faceless watch 🙂

and finally, 26 moments that restore our faith in humanity this year. a much needed list after the horribleness at sandy hook.

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