Starting point

i am starting the last month of 2012 with a list of things to do that is endless. finish my thesis, go to the doctor, learn vocabularies, send j. the earrings i’ve promised her, proof-read p.s paper, apply for the scholarship, cancel my cell phone contract. i could go on for hours. it’s not that i have been lazy, but with work and life getting in the way sometimes, other things have to take a backseat.

and even though i’ve been feeling lately like everything and everyone is getting the better of me, i know that it’ll get better once january is over. the thesis is what concerns me the most right now. i have six weeks to finish it (which is not a lot -eek!), but i know that i’ll manage it somehow. i hope. i always have. i don’t want to complain that much. life isn’t always easy, i get it. and that’s okay. it’s just that sometimes getting the motor running is so damn hard.


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