A day out

slowly but surely i seem to be turning into an old lady who goes on and on and on about the weather. i could talk about it constantly. how this winter has been so long, how i miss sunshine, how we all were fooled into thinking that spring was finally here during those two days that were full of light and warm breezes the endearing twittering of birds.

and then it started to snow again. and for a second there, we were all so depressed, is this winter never going to end, asked my father on his 69th birthday. the only family member who was genuinely excited about all this frozen water that fell down from the sky was sweet fips. and since we eventually got tired of complaining about the cold we decided to take action and heat up with a walk in our favorite  woods.

fips was keeping a sharp lookout for deer, and boars, and squirrels. bless him.

the things a walk in the woods can do for you, i tell ya.