Link Love Sunday #8

wait – what? another week is already over? that was fast! this was a week mostly filles with fun, good food, goodbyes, and happy reencounters. i’m looking forward to next week because i’ll (hopefully) will hand in my last pre-university degree  assignment, go on a teeny road trip, and meet up with lovely people to celebrate our friendship. here are a couple of things from around the web i enjoyed most last week:

★ the fabulous & talented & most awesome swiss miss gave a talk at sxsw

this flowchart about trendy food made me laugh.

★ design sponge offers some great tutorials on book binding techniques.

★ for st. patrick’s i’ve made these chocolate mint brownies and they are SO GOOD!

★ did you now that hitchcock spoke german?

a foxy diy paper lampshade.

★  hey, book lovers! keep it up.

stunning natural history museum posters.

the 50 most important realities of everyday life.

this song is on constant replay in my head.

what are your plans for next week?

have a good one!

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