Healthy berry bam jam

don’t know if you need one but here’s an advice: always choose happiness. and health. after all, life is all about making choices, isn’t it? i figuered it’s time to make the right ones. so. it’s clean eating month over here. in fact, i’m trying to make clean eating a habit around here, and it’s going pretty well (yesterday we had lettuce wraps with a sweet potato-tomato-avocado-sesame-balsamic filling and IT. WAS. AWESOME.).

but then yesterday i found myself craving jam. which caught me by surprise, since i don’t really crave sweets that much. and i have never been much of a jam person. jam is okay but definitely not something i miss when i can’t have it.

real jam has tons of sugar in it, which makes sense because the sugar helps to preserve the jam and keeps it from turning bad. BUT too much sugar is an evil thing. watch your intake! so, to stay in line with our clean eating principle, i made jam with no extra sugar. all you need is some unsweetened berries and chia seeds. (learn more about chia seeds here. i’m a fan!) this is the quick and dirty recipe:

for about 1 cup of marmalade you’ll need

2 cups fresh or frozen berries (i used 1 cup raspberries and 1 cup blueberries, both frozen)
2 tsp chia seeds

1. simmer your berries on low heat for 10 to 15 minutes. stir once in a while.
2. remove from heat and pour into a jar.
3. add the chia seeds and stir, stir, stir.
4. let cool for an hour.
5. enjoy!

our jar of marmalade is already half empty, that’s how delicious this is!