Link Love Sunday #7

all i do lately revolves about writing, transcribing interviews, and packing moving boxes. it’s kind of surreal that my time here in freiburg is coming to an end very, very soon and that i’ll be moving north again in a couple of weeks. it’s time for something new now, and i’m very excited about it. also, my dad is turning 69 on tuesday, which is also kind of surreal. another year left until the big 7-0! here are a few links for your sunday:

some good advice, especially for web-affine folks

☆ scratchy cards. everyone loves them, so make some yourself.

the results of a northern american english dialect survey for geeks like me 🙂

what the future was supposed to be like

☆ don’t you just love guacamole? here’s a recipe i want to try

☆ making (and reading) lists is so satisfying (is anybody else agreeing or is it just me?!). the  hundred best lists of all time make for a nice pastime on rainy afternoons

☆ also good for rainy days: going through this tumblr of pictures of nyc

☆ i have watched this video about 15 gazillion times now

swoon. just so much swoon.

have a good start into the new week!

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