Link Love Sunday #11

as of this week, i officially have a university degree. i’m not really in the mood to celebrate (yet), though, since we’re still struggling with our daily routine due to my dad’s disease. we’re all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars. right? oscar said this. here are this week’s links:

★ my friend jordi’s band inspira released their beautiful second album on thursday and paula bonet contributed some stunning artwork for the cd booklet

an ode to the only child

homeless signs, a project by steven brahms

a tote bag according to my taste

what is love?

spine poems. the next big thing.

the source family, a cult i might have joined, too. probably. maybe. in the words of alexandra molotkow: „i want to believe. but i can’t. but i loved the movie.“ go see it!

★ „your obligation is to story and just put everything else out of your head. can you feed yourself? is there a roof over your head? be thankful and do the work.“ an interesting interview wirh nathan englander.

it’s always been pacey. dawson? please, bitch.

countryside porn. i need to travel more. much more.

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