58 Months

Thailändisches Mädchen bläst Geburtstagskerzen auf Kuchen aus

A friend of mine who is currently in South Carolina just posted a picture on Facebook. It shows a bottle of peach cider and a cup of boiled peanuts, reminding me of the last time i had boiled peanuts.

It was in August of 2005 in a little village near Sakaeo. My uncle Song brought home peanuts from his field. Aunty Daeng cooked them for us.

We sat on the porch and watched my little cousins play with stones and sticks and an old hula hoop right outside the house on the muddy street that lead up to it. The peanuts were hot and salty and floury. It was slowly getting dark.

Cousin Nyng said something stupid that made everyone but Aunty Daeng burst out into laughter. Aunty Daeng was getting mad.

I was laughing so hard that i didn’t even care about the mosquitoes sucking my blood.